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Nina Nowak: Research on Buoyancy

2020 / Billedkunst

At SVFK Nina Nowak developed a series of objects determined by function. The idea was to create a setting with specific devices that perform in a certain space. Time and fluids come into play when the interconnected devices transform the objects that they are containing or made for.

Maj. 2020

Before Nina Nowak starting to build the devices, sketches and 3D models were made to take exact measurements. The standardized basins that are part of the installation, gave a clear base for the following steps concerning measurements of metal elements that would be adjusted onto them. A standard that would create another standardized add-on. The pieces are constructed in such way that they can be taken apart again like an industrially made object. During the process, the original ideas were modified and adjusted too.

First, the elements were cut in steal, assembled and partly welded in the Metal Workshop. Later the objects were painted several times in the spray room. The wood had to be planned first and then glued together. After a period of drying, it was ready to be carved in.

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