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Welcome to the Danish Art Workshops

The Danish Art Workshops (SVFK) is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture, whose purpose it is to provide working facilities for particularly demanding art works.

At the SVFK it is possible for artists to do work in large formats, which their own studios or equipment cannot facilitate. Artists, designers, craftspeople, and restorers can work here on projects in art and design at the highest level.

Rasmus Bækkel Fex
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In the Tufting Workshop, Textile Designer Marie Hugsted has worked on a project called GUUL (Yellow) for an exhibition at KONTEMPO.
GUUL is a textile artwork, that testifies an intense working process and great immersion in time and space.

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Latest news from the workshops and projects within Fine Arts, Design and Crafts.

We encourage you to search information about specific artistic techniques and materials in current and former projects within the fields of visual arts and crafts, design, and preservation. In this database we feature the artistic working process rather than the outcome in order to focus on the services we provide.

Liv Marie Rømer og Trine Tronhjem: Oplevelse og perception af tekstiler

Under et ophold på tekstilværkstedet har de nyuddannede tekstildesignere, Liv Marie Rømer og Trine Tronhjem, arbejdet mod at skabe store mønsterforløb og kompositioner inden for tekstiltryk. De har undersøgt øjets perception og kroppens oplevelse af tekstiler ved at trykke lange forløb, der kan give en rumlig oplevelse.

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Nikoline Liv Andersen: Eden

Fra september 2021 til januar 2022 skal Nikoline Liv Andersen udstille i Nikolaj Kunsthals Nedre Galleri. Nikolaj Kunsthal er oprindeligt en kirke med et stort smukt kirkerum, men bygningen har ikke fungeret som kirke siden Københavns brand i 1795. Nikoline Liv Andersen vil bringe kirken tilbage i kirkerummet. Ikke i fysisk forstand, men med begreber fra den kristne tro.

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