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Welcome to the Danish Art Workshops

The Danish Art Workshops (SVFK) is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture, whose purpose it is to provide working facilities for particularly demanding art works.

At the SVFK it is possible for artists to do work in large formats, which their own studios or equipment cannot facilitate. Artists, designers, craftspeople, and restorers can work here on projects in art and design at the highest level.

Rasmus Bækkel Fex
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At the Danish Art Workshops we offer a range of professional workshop based courses to maintain the high level of contemporary art and design, and to strengthen the professional skills and knowhow of our future applicants.

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Latest news from the workshops and projects within Fine Arts, Design and Crafts.

We encourage you to search information about specific artistic techniques and materials in current and former projects within the fields of visual arts and crafts, design, and preservation. In this database we feature the artistic working process rather than the outcome in order to focus on the services we provide.

Trine Struwe Hansen: Syllables

Trine Struwe Hansen har arbejdet i Statens Værksteders udendørs atelier, Huggegården, på en serie af skulpturer, der tager udgangspunkt i typografi. Det negative rum i vores skriftsprog som luften i o'et, bollen over å'et osv., har været omdrejningspunktet. Nærmere bestemt mellemrummene, hullerne og åbningerne.

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