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Next application deadline: 5 August 2024 at 24:00

At the Danish Art Workshops, professional artists, designers, crafts people and art restorers can work in large formats, which their own studios or equipment cannot facilitate.

Non-Danish applicants may only apply with projects directed towards a specific exhibition or other cultural activity in Denmark, which has already been accepted. However, non-Danish applicants already living in Denmark can apply equally to Danish applicants.

Our workshop supervisors and consultants are skilled artists and craftspeople who have worked with visual art, crafts and design for many years.


Choose Between Two Programs

Projects deriving from material based, artistic development / research including material research, prototype production or other kinds of “work in process”. Projects that resemble research, exploration, and innovation. The purpose of the project must be well described.

Projects, that focus on production and completion of works for exhibition, decoration etc. It may be single works or a full exhibition. Projects targeted a public review in- or outside of Denmark.


Photography Workshop

The photography department allows for both analogue and digital photographic work and is situated in two studios on the 4th floor; one large and one small. Typically, you will be granted access to one of the studios – and often in combination with other facilities…

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Small Ceramics and Clay Workshop

The Small Ceramics and Clay Workshop is approx. 15 m2 fitted for smaller ceramic projects. At the beginning of a residency, the workshop will be fitted with loose furnishings such as worktables, chairs, lighting etc. according to your needs. Additional tools may conveniently be made…

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Conservation Workshop

The Conservation Workshop measures approx. 150 m2 and is suitable for restoration and preservation of paintings, textiles, painted items and, to some extent, wooden items. Access: Double doors, Freight lift (height 2 m, width 1.2 m, depth 2.4 m, diagonal 2.9 m) The Conservation Workshop…

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There is an application deadline four times a year: The beginning of Feb, May, Aug, and Nov.

The SVFK Advisory Board and the committees for visual art, crafts, and design respectively – will assess the applications. The governing criterion is the academic and artistic quality of your project.

All residencies at SVFK are funded as scholarships from the Danish State as part of its support of the arts. Studio, workshop, accommodation in the guest flat, consultation etc. are free of charge. However, you will be charged for materials as well as prints and copies.

Make one application together, describing your cooperation, and add CVs for all participants. One of you must be appointed as the contact person for the project.

Remember to specify the need for more space for your family in your application – we will try to accommodate your need. In that case it is you personally who is held responsible for the use of the house.

You can apply for a residency of up to six months. The length of the residency has to fit your project. Please state if you are flexible on the exact period of time or the studio you have applied for. In some cases, the committee assesses that a project can be done in a shorter period of time and this might result in a shorter term of residency, than was applied for.

We wish to use the facilities as much as possible, so if there is space in the calendar before the next user, we can extend your stay. Ask the administration, if the time comes.

In relation to exhibitions and marketing of your project, the SVFK Advisory Board demands of you to clarify, that the work was produced during a residency at the Danish Art Workshops.


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