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The Conservation Workshop measures approx. 150 m2 and is suitable for restoration and preservation of paintings, textiles, painted items and, to some extent, wooden items.

Access: Double doors, Freight lift (height 2 m, width 1.2 m, depth 2.4 m, diagonal 2.9 m)

The Conservation Workshop facilities include:

Work Areas:

  • Area with hot and low-pressure table
  • Area with work tables
  • Lab
  • Office


  • Two low-pressure/hot tables with suction, measuring 150 x 289 cm and 330 x 289 cm
  • The tables can be fitted together; the joined suction table will measure 480 x 289 cm.
  • Two work tables (126 x 254 cm)
  • Fume cupboard
  • Sandbags and felt-covered steel rods
  • Exsuction
  • Operation microscope
  • Easels
  • Pigments
  • Solvents and binders
  • Heated spatulas, Hot-air tools, hot plate, hot-air dryer and ironing equipment
  • Work- lamps: 2 Engelbrecht retouching lamps, 2 halogen lamps on a tripod, 2 spotlights on a tripod, lysorgel for daylight tubes and UV tubes, fiber optics station, light box
  • Handheld UV lamp
  • Humidification facilities
  • Compressed air-system for staple gun, spraying pistol and air-brush
  • Air-brush
  • Vacuum cleaner (incl. wet suction)Magnetic mixer
  • Handheld tools (Screw drivers, saws, files, scalpels etc.)
  • Hygrometer, PH-meter and thermometer
  • Melinex, siliconized paper and a few other rolled goods
  • Shredding stone with glass runners
  • Mechanical scales with 1/10 gram accuracy
  • Table fan
  • Equipment for canvas stretching
  • Assorted graduated cylinders
  • Cooker and refrigerator
  • Drawing cabinet with alarm
  • Stereo music system
  • Furthermore, it is possible to use laser equipment (Phoenix 1200 Nd: YAG, 1064/532 nm, 500/250 mJ), situated at the School of Conservation.
Tom Egelund
Consultant at the Conservation Workshop


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