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The Small Ceramics and Clay Workshop is approx. 15 m2 fitted for smaller ceramic projects.

At the beginning of a residency, the workshop will be fitted with loose furnishings such as worktables, chairs, lighting etc. according to your needs.

Additional tools may conveniently be made in the woodshop or metal workshop by arrangement with the workshop consultants. Generally we recommend that you bring your own tools, with which you are familiar.

All materials used must be paid for.

Access: double doors, freight lift (height 2 m, width 1.2 m, depth 2.4 m, 2.9 m diagonally)

The workshop facilities include:

  • 2 test kilns (30x30x26 cm. / 50x50x53 cm.)
  • Vacuum mixer, with detachable profiles for extruder.
  • Kneading machine which might be used for mixing paper with plastic clay or mixing clay from dry matter – max 30 kg.
  • Table and floor modelling stands
  • Mixer for casting loam
  • Space for working with dry matter. With electronic scales and dust exhaust.
  • Electric turntable
Mikael Jackson
Clay / Ceramics Consultant


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