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Danish artist Mille Kalsmose visited the Metal Workshop at SVFK to create full-size installations, Traces of Memory, Spatial Memory, Points in Time, Untitled, and the sound installation Listening Back in Time.

Feb. 2020

The sound installation Listening Back in Time is based on research from the space observatory ALMA in Chile, where Kalsmose participated in an artist-in-residence program. The space observatory is a worldwide collaboration consisting of 66 precision antennas spread over an area of up to 16 kilometers. The work incorporates sound waves dating all the way back to the creation of the universe.

Deep time

Traces of Memory, Spatial Memory, Points in Time, and Untitled explores different understandings of the concept of time. Kalsmose is particularly interested in the so-called deep time.

Deep time refers to an astronomical and geological understanding of time. Deep time extends over an infinite number of years, both in the past and in the future. Therefore it appears intangible and abstract compared to the time horizon we operate within our everyday life. Deep time represents certain secrets of displacement of the human and the divine from the story of creation. Yet in the Anthropocene, ironically we humans have become that sublime force, the agents of a fearful something that is greater than ourselves.

At SVFK Mille Kalsmose has been experimenting with real-size installations while being in the process. This allowed her to work in her own speed in large scale and with a rich variation of materials sizes.

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The video was photographed and edited by Suvi Andrea Helminen