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Brief info

Danmark, 1972

Mille Kalsmose is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen and New York.

Her work spans from images to sculptural pieces and installation works. She gives shape and materializes what is invisible to the eye, which is a driving force and an indispensable desire throughout Kalsmose’s work. Combining autobiography with neuroscience, personal experiences with social inquiry, Mille Kalsmose creates artworks that resonate on many levels. She has worked with a wide range of materials and explores the architecture of memory, identity, psychological mechanisms, and spiritual life conceptions, thus creating a union of the unconfined in highly tactile manifestations.

She holds a master from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and has studied at the Bio Art Lab at SVA, School of Visual Arts, in New York. Internationally she has been exhibited at MAVI, Museum of Visual Arts, Satiago, Chile, United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA; CCA, Center of Contemporary Art, Andratx, Spain; La Virreina, Centre de Imagen, Barcelona, Cataluña; ITAMI Museum, Hygo, Japan; and Fundacion Valentin de Madarigada, Andalusia, Spain, among others.

Nationally her work has been exhibited at ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum; Horsens Art Museum; Gether Contemporary; Den Frie Exhibition Center; Kastrupgaard Collection, and others. Her work is collected in several private and public institutions.

Projekter af

Mille Kalsmose

Danish artist Mille Kalsmose visited the Metal Workshop at SVFK to create full-size installations, Traces of Memory, Spatial Memory, Points in Time, Untitled, and the sound installation Listening Back in Time.

Mille Kalsmose Conscious Matter

Danish artist Mille Kalsmose visited the Metal Workshop at SVFK to make her installation, Conscious Matter. The large-scale sculptural installation explores iron in different elements.