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Jonas Trampedach developed Type Chair in the metal workshop at the Danish Art Workshops. The chair’s name and aesthetics are derived from the perception of an archetypal chair. Its distinctively shaped back creates a uniform sculptural expression that reinforces the chair’s sense of familiarity while retaining its own unique character.

June 2021

Like in the majority of my projects, the development process of Type Chair was very hands-on. At The Danish Art Workshops I got the idea of using a rolled rectangular aluminium profile as backrest, and this became the main feature of the design.

The project has been many years in the making. It is based on numerous tests and trials in the metal workshop, merging craft and industrial processes. The result is a versatile all aluminium stacking chair, both minimal and sculptural, and a chair I have been doodling for ages.

The material, aluminium, is known for its inherently sustainable properties. With a silicone coating, the chair merges craft with industrial processes to create a smooth, closed surface. Lightweight and stackable, the chair’s functionality, simplicity, and homogeneous quality make it easy to integrate into a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor contexts.

Type Chair has been put into production at HAY.