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Next application deadline: November 2, 2020 at 24:00

Dyeing Workshop

Lene Thomasen i færd med at blande farve Dyeing lab Facilities for mixing dye. Electronic scales – up to 400 g. Electronic scales – up to 1,2000 g. Large and small mixers. Assorted graduated cylinders, dispensettes and thermometers. Assorted plastic containers, buckets and spoons. Color tester for…

Art Production Channel

Behind the Scenes Our Art Production Channel goes behind the scenes and explores how projects within the field of art and design are solved and executed at the Danish Art Workshops. The videos feature the artistic working process rather than the outcome in order to…


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About SVFK

About SVFK

A Part of the Ecosystem within Art and Design The Danish Art Workshops contribute to the field of art and culture in Denmark by providing professionals with a unique platform for artistic development and production. With a broad knowledge of artistic techniques and materials, fully…
Træets ornamentik


The Danish Art Workshops are grateful for support of varying projects, that communicate who we are and what we do, and at the same time, share knowledge about artistic working processes i.e. techniques and materials. Dreyers Fond and Augustinus Fonden: Educational Courses The Danish Arts…


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Apply for Residency

At the Danish Art Workshops, professional artists, designers, crafts people and art restorers can work in large formats, which their own studios or equipment cannot facilitate. Non-Danish applicants may only apply with projects directed towards a specific exhibition or other cultural activity in Denmark, which…
Danish Art Workshops

Danish Art Workshops

Working Facilities for Artistic Development and Production The Danish Art Workshops apply Events / Courses / Calendar What's On View more All about Artistic Working Processes Projects View more Video about Art Production Channel …
Our Staff

Our Staff

Employees at the SVFK We try our best to meet the demands of every residing artist of the house. Every workshop has an associate manager or consultant, who can advise you in relation to materials and technical execution. We also offer counseling according to…
MALT AIR Maltfabrikken Ebeltoft residency


MALT AIR is a collaboration between Maltfabrikken, Kunsthal Aarhus and the Danish Art Workshops, and the program is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. The three institutions have collaborated to create a high-quality residency for professional international artists with attractive living and working facilities, and promoting development of a broad network within the Danish art scene.

Other Workshops

Find workshops and studio space arranged by region:  Copenhagen and Zealand The Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen Production and knowledge center for visual arts and design in Copenhagen. Houses more than 50 studios and different types of leases, networking, exhibitions, the Alternative Art Fair, the International…

Ceramics and Clay Workshop

The Ceramic and Clay Workshop is approx. 144 m2. At the beginning of a residency, the workshop will be fitted with loose furnishings such as worktables, chairs, lighting, trolleys etc. according to your needs. Additional tools may conveniently be made in the woodshop or metal…


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