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During my stay in the small clay workshop, I have developed and worked on a porcelain project focusing on the materiality of the objects and reflecting on extreme fragility and vulnerability into sculpture.

Jan 2023

The 6 produced sculptures are calling for historical references with allusions to drapery into classical sculpture but keep a surrealistic and enigmatic unresolved appearance, alluding seashell shaped objects. They are made out of fabric directly soaked into liquid porcelain and placed on a geometrical clay structure acting like a sort of skeleton holding and sustaining the fabric into a defined form.

Once fired, The movements contained in the soaked fabric will be petrified and the sculpture will remain fragile with almost an eggshell surface in some parts; cracks and breaking parts might appear as part of the works and pointing to the strength in daring fragility, uncertainty, the uncontrollable and the imperfect.