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During his residency at Statens Værksteder for Kunst, Sam Derounian has been developing limited edition screenprints for his forthcoming exhibition ‘Industrial and Horticultural Metaphors’ at Danske Grafikere in the spring of 2023.

Feb. 2023

I have been making colour prints with multiple layers, which are based on existing sketches I have created in photoshop.

During my residency in the print room, I have been translating these digital sketches into physical prints using Fabriano 5 paper and Lascaux inks.

The biggest challenges in terms I have had have been translating photographic imagery in my sketches into bitmaped images burned to the screens that retain high levels of detail found in the original sketches.

The second challenge has been mixing colours that match those found in my original sketches, and mixing these with physical inks. My prints are small, detailed, and multi-coloured, so small mistakes in both of these respects can have big consequences for the finished works.