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The British Designer, Michael Antrobus, has been working in the metal- and wood workshops on a prototype collection of accessories and furniture, that explore the potential of round and half round bars.

May 2021

Throughout the making process the aim has been to build a vocabulary of forms,
guided by the opportunities and restrictions provided by these profiles. Working directly with the material to understand nuances and complexities, that will inform further development of each design concept. While brass and steel are the primary focus, complimentary materials that can increase the strength, stability,
comfort and usability of each object are also being explored.

The first tools used to create the coffee table and lounge chair were produced in the wood workshop using timber, plywood and the CNC milling machine. These were used to test the size, proportions and strength of the design concepts before moving on to the metal workshop to create heavy duty tools for heat bending with oxyacetylene.

The prototypes have been made first in mild steel and then in finer gauges using brass
and stainless steel.