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Around Albert Eckhout reflect on the series of paintings in the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen by Albert Eckhout, made on his expedition to Brazil (1637-1644) in order to document the “New World”. Specifically fruits and vegetables from Brazil.

Jan. 2022

These pieces are an introduction to a larger project, that I am currently working on.

Around Albert Eckhout is a series of 12 drawings and 12 oils on linen. The 12 small paintings show postcards of each of Albert Eckhout’s original paintings. The 12 drawings as a diptych reproduce of the backgrounds of these paintings, but without the fruits and vegetables from the original – just the sky.

The series of work mirror the paintings in Nationalmuseet (the drawings are a 1:1 scale with the originals). Trying to disassemble this monolithic “representation of the world” and building other alternative poetic ways of seeing these specific historical works.