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Brief info

Danmark, 1976

Born in Petrer (Alicante), Spain. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Valencia Polytechnic University, Spain (1999). Finalizes his studies with an Erasmus Scholarship, Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Italia. Begins BFA in filosofy and completes MFA in Drawing and expressive methods, UPV, Spain.  Artist in Residence at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Italy (2014).

Has done several artistic studies and investigations abroad: Madrid (Spain.2016), Rome (2015 and 2014), São Paulo (Brazil.2013), Mexico DF (Mexico.2013), Holguin (Cuba.2012), Tg-Jiu/Gorj (Romania.2012), São Paulo (Brazil.2011), La Paz (Bolivia.2011), Richmond (USA.2010) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil.2008).

Jesus Herrera´s works propose pictorial reflections in conflict-friction with the construction of an image and its later representation, the technical-pictorial recovery as an inherent part of the language of art and the narrative strategies that build the parameters of the painting.

Projekter af

Around Albert Eckhout reflect on the series of paintings in the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen by Albert Eckhout, made on his expedition to Brazil (1637-1644) in order to document the “New World”. Specifically fruits and vegetables from Brazil.

The project All the Partial Knowledge of the World has been developed specifically for Det National Historiske Museum / Frederiksborg Slot. It presents a personal pictorial journey based on selected pieces found in the museum’s collection. The exhibition explores three themes. The themes being the fire of… Læs mere