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Currently, Jenny Gräf is creating performances around a set of electro-magnetic sound sculptures called speaker-instruments, which she performs live in various settings. These dismantle the conventional audio speaker in ways that give voice to the materiality and non-materiality at play in these electromagnetic sculptures.

June 2023

I am creating a new series of works, I call Speaker-Instrument. These are sound sculptures which are experiments with conventional sound speakers and contain their own distinct voices. My work at SVFK entails the first part of the process of creating these.

I built and painted 25 wooden plinths that are a component of the sound sculptures. I also sculpted, fired and glazed 25 new porcelain forms which will be used to make the sound sculptures. Post-residency, I will work with these plinths and porcelin forms, adding the copper and magnets which allow me to play sound through them. When sending amplified sound to the wire, the forms act as substrate against which the copper wire and magnets vibrate.

My interest in this project is to give voice to objects, which are normally rigid, teasing out their own unique voices.