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Brief info

f. 1970

Jenny Gräf Sheppard is a multidisciplinary artist, known for her diverse body of work that spans visual art, music, performance and installation. Her art often explores themes of identy, memory loss, aging and the intersection of art and technology.

Through her approach, she incorporates elements of sound, sculpture, video and interactive experiences. Trained in the Pauline Oliveros practices of Deep Listening and Sonic Mediation scores, she brings to her works interests in modes of listening and attending to sound including multi-sensory approaches.

Born in the U.S., Gräf was educated at Hampshire College, with a BA in Film and Sound Installation, and later received an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Time-Based Arts. She is a PhD fellow with a Mads Øvlisen Scholarship in practice-based art at The University of Copenhagen & The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art.

Her work has been screened, performed and exhibited in PS1 Moma, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago, Astrid Noacks Atelier in Copenhagen, in Copenhagen Art week, at VEGA (for VEGA ARTS series in Copenhagen), at Rønnebæksholm in Næstved, DK, and at The Maryland Film Festival in Baltimore, Maryland. She performs regularly throughout DK, the US and Europe.

Projekter af

Currently, Jenny Gräf is creating performances around a set of electro-magnetic sound sculptures called speaker-instruments, which she performs live in various settings. These dismantle the conventional audio speaker in ways that give voice to the materiality and non-materiality at play in these electromagnetic sculptures.