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Okt. 2020

Janne’s work is infused by strong interest in botany, entomology, history, geometry and pattern – manmade as well as those found in nature. She uses a variety of media and techniques such as screen- and relief printing and various photographic and sculptural processes. Her work is non-prescriptive and driven by research and process. The printed element is often the starting point for a three-dimensional work; the prints are ostensibly prints (screen print, woodblock etc.) but are frequently only the blueprint for a practice that employs careful cutting and folding to explore the potential of repeated pattern, volume, space, surface and shadow. Sometimes the repetition occurs within the confines of a single piece as in the ongoing series Shifts & Contrivances, which employ versions of a repeating pattern. The pattern exists both as itself – repeated, two-dimensional – and as a blueprint for a three-dimensional construction; through rigorous repetition something new emerges.

Janne is currently working the Tackac press on a series of large woodcuts as part of the series Shifts & Contrivances. She uses several plates on the same paper to achieve different color, shading as well as graphic variations. Working on the large press allows her to explore how the chosen pattern and shape work, when printed in a larger format, as well as testing different kinds of paint.