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Again & Again & Again is a research, sculpture, podcast and event series, investigating circular design in the built environment. It captures conversation with those who have tried and tested systems; from grassroots to the complex, for designing in waste, and out; single-life use of construction materials.

August 2023

The project seeks better ways to understand, harness & deploy the expertise and knowledge of experts within the design community. It illustrates that waste is not an accident, but the consequence of decisions made at the design stage, and that we designers have an opportunity to do better.

The project sits as a subsidiary project to podcast Hearing Architecture which to date; has focused on Australian designers. Here, the project expands to feature Danish experts with a specific focus around the events of the World Architecture conference, and CPH’s title as the 2023 World City of Architecture.

The series seeks to showcase a range of local practitioners working on specialised projects responding to a unique Danish landscape and juxtapose them beside local practicioners similarly tackling global issues. This is a platform for public engagement & knowledge. As a consolidated collective, the knowledge of these experts is amplified

The residency at SVFK has allowed Hilary to develop, produce and curate a series of interviews with local architects, designers, scientists, policy makers and associated design professionals