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Landscapes of different kind has been a constant theme in Kirrily Hammonds’s practice, and her images are intuitive responses to her surroundings. While she normally works across painting, drawing and printmaking, lithography was the specific focus for her time at the graphic print workshop.

Sep. 2021

The aim of my time at SVFK was to immerse myself in lithography, to produce a series of images of my newly discovered Danish surroundings, as a continuation of my long-held fascination with urban and rural environments – and specifically the quality of light in these places.

I originally intended to focus on the historic buildings in the immediate vicinity of SVFK, however I became more interested in imagery of the natural environment and made lithographs of Bøllemosen and Fanø as well as areas in Copenhagen such as Søndermarken and Frederiksberg Have.

Lithography is a medium that enables experimentation with the drawn image, where quite different states of the same image can be developed and printed. This allowed me to investigate how different qualities of light can be achieved in an image through counter-etching the stone and experimental use of colour.