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At SVFK, the artists worked towards an exhibition at M100 (Odense), titled Roll Your Eyes.

Sep. 2019

The phrase ‘roll your eyes’ is usually associated with a display of passive aggression. However, Billie Maya Johansen, Kitsum Cheng and Yuki Kishino, are interested in inverting with the phrase, by mobilizing it as a playful instruction. Each artist is observing our own social predicaments and is proposing to resist negativity by exploring alternative neural pathways.

Johansen’s Fatigue reclaims the official Google colours and rearranges them into abstract shapes of an eye. The eyes are installed with plastic strip that allows the eyes to bounce as people pass by.

Cheng’s Class of Oohlala are artist books filled with skull shaped cutouts, which are based on narratives of human evolution and divided into a rough chronological order.

Kishino’s Music for Flowers is a sound piece composed of ambient music dotted by compliments. Along with the sound installation, local flowers are selected and displayed in locally sourced glass drink bottles.