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At Huggegården at SVFK, the artist duo Material Think Space, composed of Louis Alderson-Bythell and Kate Williams, have been experimenting with capturing the unique moments in performances by the use of 3D scanning technology.

Aug. 2019

The human form: Scapes

The current body of work is an investigation into the subtle architectures of the human form and how these are transformed via extrabodily matrices. We explore this using the agency of other materials and technology. The work originated from a series of performances beginning in 2018 entitled Scapes. In these we created simple architectural environments that the body could inhabit; these were durational performances where we explored communication through our own morphology and how this could be facilitated within the limits of the environment. Thereafter we began to experiment with more bodies within these fixed parameters where the dynamic changed and became much more collaborative between performers.

Material Think Space at SVFK

During our time at SVFK we began experimenting with capturing/excavating these fleeting performance moments using 3d scanning technology. We were interested in how these performance artefacts could act as records of these morphological experiments. Therefore we began to develop them as sculptures using CAD and CnC milling. Currently we are fabricating them in a variety of materials such as wood, concrete, bronze and marble. This has allowed us to begin learning specialist craft methods which in themselves require the body to be engaged.