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A collection of urns made from self-dug high-fired clay, where each urn is connected to two NFTs. One represents the urn’s past as its natural material before becoming an object: clay. The other represents its future as the permanence and immateriality of the urn as a digital artwork in the blockchain.

October 2023

Through a series of urns created by an exact amount of clay, collected in a specific location, I want to give the audience the choice to preserve (and therefore remember) the past, present, or future of each artwork.

PAST: Metadata about the block of clay collected: weight, size, location, and 3D scan. (The NFT is a channel to sell the rights of the past of the artwork. The NFT represents a way to sell the data and not the artwork itself. The NFT is DATA ownership)

PRESENT: Fired earthenware urn, made by the respective clay block. A physical representation that can break and with time get lost. (This stage represents conservation and ownership traditionally, owning the physical artwork)

FUTURE: 3D scan of the urn. The NFT represents the Immaterial and unsusceptible features of the artwork in the digital world. (The NFT represents its “immortality” and “indestructibility” through the digital world. The NFT is the artwork)

Once decided in which way to preserve the matter in one of its three forms, the other two must cease to exist. 

In the case of choosing the PRESENT, the two respective NFTs will never be minted. In the case of choosing the PAST or FUTURE, the NFT will be minted and subsequently sold to the buyer only at the moment that the respective physical urn will be destroyed in the exhibition space.

The price will reflect the size of the urn according to its weight as a clay block: 1 g equals 1 DKK. The respective price in ETH will be the exact conversion from DKK at the moment of transaction. Find the digital artworks here