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Brief info

f. 1993

Davide Ronco (IT), is a graduate of the Ceramic MA at the Royal Danish Academy and currently undergoing a postgraduate program at Konstfack: Research Lab Craft. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

His artistic practice is rooted in extensive material research and a commitment to solid craftsmanship. Through his work, he challenges conventional tools and methodologies, using site-specific installations and temporary interventions to explore the dichotomy between the natural and the artificial. Among others, he utilizes locally sourced clay and challenges the limitations of the material by embracing its inherent cracks and imperfections, and rammed earth in a manner that accentuates its temporal and decaying nature, rather than attempting to shield it from the effects of weather conditions.

Ronco’s ongoing research centers on the concept of Ad Extremum, or “until the end; death,” (the human presence’s narrowness) as a reflection of the precarious existence of humankind. Through this lens, he examines themes of transience, fragility, and decay, and the opposition and discrepancies between humanity and nature. Whether with sculpture, furniture or site-specific installations, his diverse work revolves around found materials, unconventional methods and up-cycling processes.

Projekter af

A collection of urns made from self-dug high-fired clay, where each urn is connected to two NFTs. One represents the urn’s past as its natural material before becoming an object: clay. The other represents its future as the permanence and immateriality of the urn as… Læs mere