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For the project at Statens Værksteder, Gertz will primarily be working with large scale
experimental woodcut print and monotype printing on Japanese paper and various types of

Aug. 2021

Gertz will use Ursula Le Guin’s feminist essay ‘The Carrier Bag of Fiction’ as the leitmotif of her project. This foregrounds the recipient and container as a new story, a story to be emphasised rather than overlooked. She will focus on an expanded idea of object and vessel; the urn, bags, t-shirts, caps as well as found objects and fragments and investigate the potential of containers; containing bodies, ashes, fluids and more.

The works produced will culminate in a solo exhibition at Danske Grafikere’s Hus, Copenhagen, 2022.

Lotte Gertz’ practice encompasses painting, printmaking and collage. She works on various types of unprimed fabric, linen and Japanese paper, often making use of left-over works and detritus that accumulates in the studio. Found objects and fragments of her immediate and personal environment have become components in the image making, as well as pre-historic tools, embroidery design, diy imagery, wi-fi symbols and letters of the alphabet.

She often makes use of literature or poetry in her titles; found fragments of text, amalgamating image and title to create new meanings. Gertz continuously challenges the notions of hierarchy and value. Many works bypass the stretcher frame, hanging the material straight on the wall, she is interested in how they allude to the alternative traditions of craft and textiles whilst also remaining in the canonised history of painting.