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In the small photo workshop Carlos Álvarez Clemente has been experimenting with diversities and different approaches to perception through his camera.

Nov. 2020

To Go Twice is an image-based research, that combines analog and digital photography with other artefacts such as negatives found under certain circumstances. The project questions whether it is possible to make a portrait of a certain place and moment using photographs from far away. In short: Carlos’ artistic research revolves around the different perceptive elements that constitute a place in our minds.

The strong narrative character of this work is built upon the intersection of different worlds like fx. digital and analog photography, pictures taken by me and by other people, color and b/w pictures, or large and small prints.

This mixed media approach has a strong connection to the working process. The labor developed at svfk implies all from scanning negatives, editing pictures, making color tests, printing different sizes and creating physical compositions with the images.