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Sound Art Lab

A Workshop for Sound and Art The Danish Art Workshops collaborate with Sound Art Lab when it comes to art projects involving sound. SAL is based in Struer, where they offer specially equipped workshops, studios and sound labs and contribute with professional and practical guidance.…

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Dyeing Workshop

Lene Thomasen i færd med at blande farve Dyeing lab Facilities for mixing dye. Electronic scales – up to 400 g. Electronic scales – up to 1,2000 g. Large and small mixers. Assorted graduated cylinders, dispensettes and thermometers. Assorted plastic containers, buckets and spoons. Color tester for…

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Silkscreen Printing

The workshop is about 30 m2 and appropriate for screen printing in large formats. In the workshop you will find a vacuum table with a pressure handle for the size of up to A0. There are frames of different sizes, tightened with mesh 120,…

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Heat Press

dav The plate of the heat press is 80x120 cm. For transfer printing with colour (printing/painting on paper, may be transferred to polyester/synthetic fibers) For transfer printing with foil (glue printing/painting on all types of textiles) For injet transfer paper (may be used on all types…

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Tufting Workshop

If you are tufting for the first time, we recommend a minimum of one month stay in the workshop. Tufting frame (dimension: 148 x 288 cm) 2 tufting pistols (one cuts of the yarn, the other makes loops) Air pressure for both pistols Scissors A…

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Sewing Workshop

Industrial sewing machine (for straight out and zigzag) Embellisher sewing machine A table for trimming with height adjustable function, 150 x 220 cm. AvailableBooked Gitte-Annette Knudsen Consultant at the Weaving Workshop Contact:

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Photography Workshop Small

The photography department allows for both analogue and digital photographic work and is situated in two studios on the 4th floor; one large and one small. Typically, you will be granted access to one of the studios – and often in combination with other facilities such as darkroom, scanner or printing equipment. The small photo studio is a 15 sqm. room.

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Graphic Print Workshop

The workshop is approx. 233 m2, and is suitable for graphic work involving large formats. This is where you can work with photogravure techniques, photopolymerisation, lithography and woodcuts. The premises are also suitable for educational workshop sessions, and may profitably be used by several graphic artists…

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IT Workshop

Julie Riis Andersen i IT-værkstedet

The IT Workshop is open to all residents of the SVFK. It is equipped with three MAC computers, an A3 flatbed scanner and two different printers: HP ColorLaserjet 4700, (colour, A4), Canon large format printer IPF PRO 4000.

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Ceramics and Clay Workshop

The Ceramic and Clay Workshop is approx. 144 m2. At the beginning of a residency, the workshop will be fitted with loose furnishings such as worktables, chairs, lighting, trolleys etc. according to your needs. Additional tools may conveniently be made in the woodshop or metal…

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Textile Printing Workshop

Works by Margrethe Odgaard The Textile Printing Workshop is approx. 288 m2 and includes a printing table,a dyeing lab, a section for washing and dyeing and one for drying. The workshop is suitable for large formats and for very precise printing in repeat. We don't have…

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Metal Workshop

The workshop is approx. 260 m2 with a ceiling height of approx. four meters, and has been divided into two separate rooms: One is for noisy activities (e.g. working with machinery); the other offers surfaces and free space for construction and reconstruction of large-scale items.…

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