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Lene Thomasen i færd med at blande farve

Dyeing lab

  • Facilities for mixing dye.
  • Electronic scales – up to 400 g.
  • Electronic scales – up to 1,2000 g.
  • Large and small mixers.
  • Assorted graduated cylinders, dispensettes and thermometers.
  • Assorted plastic containers, buckets and spoons.
  • Color tester for yarn and fabric, 1 – 16 holders.

Washing and dyeing

  • Dyeing vats, 40 l and 60 l.
  • Dyeing equipment for piecegoods (350 – 500 l), steam operated or electric.
  • Hanks yarn coloring machine (max 5 kg.)
  • Facilities for washing out printing ink.
  • Facilities for washing out yarn and printed textiles in stainless steel twin sinks.
  • Spin dryer.
  • Star steamer complete with depressible bell and steam generator for fixing printed and form fixed textiles. Capacity: 15 m fabric, 160 cm across. Temperature 100 – 140 degrees
  • Celsius under pressure.

Drying room

  • Condense dryer.
  • Heat transfer press.
  • Washing machine for ordinary laundry and for dyeing. (120 l.)
Hanne Kalsgaard Knudsen Consultant of textile and dyeing. Contact via


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