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The photography department allows for both analogue and digital photographic work and is situated in two studios on the 4th floor; one large and one small. Typically, you will be granted access to one of the studios – and often in combination with other facilities such as darkroom, scanner or printing equipment. The small photo studio is a 15 sqm. room.

The large and the small studio each is equipped with a Mac computer with Adobe CC for photo and video editing, and both studios can be organized to work on the Imacon scanner. Furthermore, you can apply for access to a b/w darkroom of approx.. 20 sqm. for analogue work, and an IT workshop where you can print in large formats and use a flatbed scanner. In the large studio, you also have an option to set up a photo studio.

Please note that there is no full-time staff member in the photo department. Our staff will introduce you to the equipment and some processes but as a general rule you are expected to be able to work independently in the workshops. You are welcome to contact photography consultant Kirstine Autzen for an introduction and sparring or you can bring your own assistant.

Access: goods elevator (height 2 m, width 1,2 m, depth 2,4 m, diagonal 2,9 m)

Small Photo Studio

Work table, aprox. 400 x 70 cm.
Work table, aprox. 180 x 80 cm.
Magnetic boards, aprox. 180 x 200 cm.
Mac Mini M2 (2023) with Eizo cs2740 monitor with Adobe CC
Imacon scanner X1 Flextight (max 4 x 5”)

Other Digital Facilities

Parts of the digital equipment is situated in the IT Workshop and is shared among more users simultaneously.

Flatbedscanner ScanMaker 9800XL plus / Mikrotek (tma 1600-111)
Canon large format printer IPF PRO 4000 (max. Paper width 44″/118 cm)

B/W Darkroom

The darkroom accommodates development of b/W film from 24×36 and up to 8 x 10” and paper copies in large formats as large as 130 x 195 cm. Recirculating systems for rinsing both entire sheets and photostats.

Hot press for baryta paper for pressing, mounting and laminating, 60 x 70 cm. Larger formats may be pressed in stages.

All work in the darkroom is manual. Only one artist is working in the darkroom at the time.

Work station 1 – Durst 1200 enlarger
Turnable condenser head and Multigrade head.
Lenses: 50 mm, 80 mm, 105 mm, complete with condensers.
Negative frames: 24 x 36, 4,5 x 5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 9, 9 x 12 og 4 x 5 inches.

Work station 2 – De Vere 5108 enlarger for 8 x 10″
With Multigrade head.
Lenses: 300 mm., 150 mm, 105 mm.
Negative frames: 4 x 5, 8 x 10 tomme.

Kirstine Autzen
Photo Workshop Consultant


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