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Til en udstilling ved PAD London i 2022 har tekstilkunstner, Signe Emdal, produceret værket Tara21. Værket er repræsenteret af Galerie Maria Wettergren og produceret i teknikken “Touch”, som Emdal har udviklet under et residency-ophold på Island tilbage i 2018.

Jan. 2023

Maria Wettergren har om værkerne udtalt følgende:

”In a time where belief systems, perceptions and colors are rapidly changing around the world, we need compassion, togetherness and wisdom to hold us together.

The vibrant layers of fine Icelandic unspun wool equally represent today’s younger generations, striving to build a new world – a more feminine world – of subtle, sensitive and nuanced values.

For this important new work, Signe Emdal applied her signature fusion technique called TOUCH. This technique is a delicate merge of Icelandic unspun wool fibers and Turkish carpet knots transformed into subtle layers of fur-like shades of poetry. Indeed, Emdal characterizes herself as a textile composer, transforming emotions and ambiances into tangible constructions in textile. Her unique works transcend their materiality in reference to historic objects, nature, spaces and cultural textile heritage. Her process is both a marriage of traditional cultures and new innovative textile structures that she develops herself.

The nomadic journey of textile culture and women’s craft that emerges from different cultures and landscapes and migrates over centuries from country to country is characteristic of Emdal’s practice. Each new work invites a new technique, which takes its departure from the previous one. The individual processes that she creates are called “Fusion Techniques”.