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LOOP is my new fusion technique made on my vintage tapestry loom. The technique LOOP is unfolding in my hands. It is all improvised, like instruments produce music. I play with two series of LOOP: One is Organic visually and the other one is Geometric. The Geometric LOOP will launch at The Homo Faber Event in Venice, April 2022.

April 2022

Loop Geometric

LOOP fusion tech, is a translation of the rows of loops that is made by an electric tuftinggun. My handmade looping technique consists of ongoing rows of loops with six thin mohair threads (Italian knitting machine yarn), hand-woven together with wool on a cotton warp, in a classic rug-construction. This is not embroidery technique as usual with tufting. This is created row by row, like a classic handmade rug. The thin yarns allows me to make very subtle color gradience.

Loop Organic

Infinity Root: Mohair loops and wool/cotton base on a wooden vintage tapestry loom. Vertical wooden loom and fusion technique, called: LOOP – organic.