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Brief info

f. 1975

Sophie Dupont is a visual artist working in diverse medias and within a span of aesthetic practices such as performance, photography, sculpture and painting. She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dupont received an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has studied Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place).

As a visual artist, Sophie Dupont works takes place within a performative cross-aesthetic field. Her practice is grounded in the 20th century performance- and avant-garde tradition including feminist aesthetic practices, psychology, Eastern philosophy and rituals of indigenous people. Dupont’s work examines the conditions of human being such as weight, balance and density. Likewise, her phenomenological practice examines basic pictorial questions concerning figure and ground, abstraction and figuration as well as fluidity and stagnation.

Her physically and mentally demanding practices are often centered on breathing. Breathing has become the most important starting point for Dupont’s performative works, consistently realized through her work entitled Marking Breath. Dupont marks her breaths on different materials from sunrise to sunset. The materials are always related to the place in which she is located. The materiality is a witness and bearer of remembrance of the place and a situated and site-specific reality. Through Dupont’s practice, she explores human being and connectedness.

In her existentialistic and poetic artistic research in to human being, her own body is her primary tool. Accordingly, Dupont’s performative ritualistic and tightly choreographed works are deeply rooted in her educational background within dance and visual art. Her multisensory embodied connectedness to the world challenges gender, ethnicity, eroticism, and spirituality. Dupont’s performative artistic research always has an Ecocentric starting point and become holistic explorations of the connections between subjects and world.

Projekter af

For the exhibition Breath at Rønnebæksholm I wanted to make some works, we can use every day equally like the breath.

Tanken om det cykliske livsforløb, kroppen og evigt foranderlige sindstilstande har været omdrejningspunkt for Sophie Duponts omfattende værk, der skal udstilles på Overgaden – institut for samtidskunst i efteråret 2017.