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Brief info


Maymò is a Spanish architect and designer based in between Madrid and Copenhagen. After studying architecture at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid and working as an architect for a while, her personal inquisitiveness led her to move to Denmark to study a MA in industrial design at Designskolen Kolding. She is now occupied in the fields of furniture, lighting and accessories design through my design studio, founded in Copenhagen in 2016, and have been working independently since January 2020, after three and a half years as a designer for ferm LIVING.

In addition to her work with industrial products grounded in a large-scale production context, her more speculative projects, which often result in unique, experimental pieces, make up an important part of her work and approach.

Maymò’s work often searches for ways to merge these apparently opposite frameworks into one, exploring the natural potential of materials and their limits and reconsidering how they are processed, with the aim to bring new perspectives into the design industry and approach more meaningful and human ways of manufacturing.

She primarily work with wood and metal but also have experience in working with ceramics, glass and different plastics.

Her work has been exhibited in Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Kolding.

Projekter af

Omayra Maymó

Spanish architect and designer Omayra Maymò has made her first prototype. This is based on a new approach to production and with the qualities of the element in mind.