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1995 B.A. Environmental Design in Architecture, N.C. State College of Design
1995 B.A. Environmental Design in Industrial Design, N.C. State College of Design

Matt’s sculptural work focuses on expressing natural forces and motion, most often with linear form. Capturing the feeling of growth and change with transformation and repetition is a common theme, along with the layering of elements in nature. The work is primarily abstract, but commissioned work often responds to location and conceptual influences, allowing the viewer to interpret the piece based on context and personal experience. Three-dimensional sculpture should evoke thought, and Matt focuses on bringing the energy of natural forces into the artwork to achieve that goal. Expressing these patterns in life is an essential element of the process.

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Matt McConnell og Pia Jensen mødte hinanden i 2017 på en rejse til de Forenede Arabiske Emirater i 2017. De deltog begge som kunstnere på den 20. udgave af Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival sammen med 42 andre kunstnere fra 31 lande – alle med store, stedspecifikke… Læs mere

Matt McConnell and Pia Jensen met in the United Arab Emirates in 2017, where they were both selected as featured artists in the 20th edition Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival, along with 42 artists from 31 countries, all of whom had created large site-specific works.