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Brief info

f. 1986

I am a French costume designer and visual artist based in Copenhagen. Born in 1986, educated as textile designer in Paris (ESAA Duperré 2007), and later as costume designer in Lyon (ENSATT 2009), I settled in Denmark in 2013 with my family.

In the last decade, I’ve been contributing as a costume designer to many Danish theatre productions and I have recently begun designing for the cinema as well.

In 2018/20/21/23, I received a work grant from the Danish National Art Foundation (Statens Kunstfonds Arbejdslegat). This allowed me to start a parallel artistic practice independently from the theatrical context.

My artistic projects often have an anthropologic approach, taking specific groups of people as object of study. I’m interested in the narratives in our lives. I have investigated the introspective tales of newly arrived immigrants about their new country, teenagers about their identity, economists about magic and neurology patients about sartorial memories.

There is a fictitious dimension in many of the stories that I gather. As a costume designer, my way of telling a story is by using costumes. I operate through techniques borrowed from the stage. It seems to be a perfect tool to embody the fictional occurrences in real life.

Projekter af

I White Collar Magic undersøger kostumedesigner Lauréline Gormsen Démonet magiens plads i det vestlige samfund gennem 14 embedsmænds klædeskabe. Hun vender vrangen ud på jakkesættet og finder et spind af overbevisninger, som hun sammenligner med dem, der giver shamanernes dragter magiske egenskaber. Selv i hjertet… Læs mere