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Brief info

f. 1986

Visual artist who lives and works in Copenhagen and Malmö. Based on everyday stories and observations, she develops poetic and humorous installations that combine sculpture, writing, interior design, film and print. An ongoing strand of her research explores non-human objects from an anthropocentric viewpoint, analysing and critiquing the systems by which humankind imposes order and meaning on the world. By giving voice to the non-human she creates tragicomic scenes which poke fun at the idiosyncrasies of modern humanity. Bergmark presents information through narrative, history by way of recital of a memory, politics via feelings and smells: for her, personal anecdotes are as important as facts.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Hem’ At Malmö Art Museum, SE (2022), ‘Flowers in Art’, Arken, DK (2021); ‘Naturen Taler’, Sorø Art Museum (2021), ‘Soap’, Sirin Gallery x Nicolaj Bo (2021), ‘Burnout’, Kunsthal 44 Møen, DK (2019); ‘Heaven and Earth’, Marwan, NL (2018). She has received MFAs from The Royal Danish Art Academy (DK) and School of the Damned (UK).

Projekter af

In the research project ’Human Nature’, Emilia Bergmark creates a series of large narrative tapestries, portraying the postindustrial nature of Scandinavia.