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Næste ansøgningsfrist: 6. maj 2024 kl. 24:00

Exhibition Foyer: George Koutsouris

Statens Værksteder for Kunst Strandgade 27B, København K

In these complex wall sculptures, various wood pieces coexist with numerous overlapping strings, creating ‘abstract’ three-dimensional paintings/reliefs that refer to musical instruments and musical symbols.
Koutsouris has created musical instruments and sound sculptures in the past, which are kinetic or interactive. However, this time he tries to represent sound and musicality only visually, in works which are static, not interactive, and silent, but can still reveal all the dynamics and tensions present in musical literature. Different types of strings have been used (steel, brass, copper etc.) which refer to various musical instruments, but now acting as visual ‘line’ elements, that Koutsouris uses to ‘paint’ on his three-dimensional wooden ‘canvas’.