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Travel grant for Danish Designers and Craftspersons. Apply for a two-week studio stay in India.

The Danish Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark offer five travel grants lasting two weeks each with an Indian textile master.

The five available Indian textile artisanal traditions are:

  1. Hand Block Print
    Master: Mr. Khushiram Pandey
    Place: Sanganer, Rajasthan – Indien
    Time: 14 days residency in January or February 2023
  2. Hand Applique
    Master: Mr. Gaurav Choudhary
    Place: Barmer, Rajasthan – Indien
    Time: 14 days residency in January, February or March 2023
  3. Bandhani Tie and Dye
    Master: Mr. Khatri Adil Mustak
    Place: Bhuj, Gujarat – Indien
    Time: 14 days residency in mid-February 2023
  4. Kantha Stitch Embroidery
    Master: Ms. Mahamaya Sikdar
    Place: Kolkata, West Bengal – Indien
    Time: 14 days residency in January, February or March 2023
  5. Ikat Weaving
    Master: Mr. Radhe Shayam Meher
    Place: Bargarh, Odisha-768104 – Indien
    Time: 14 days residency in January, February or March 2023

Read more about the techniques here:

Who can Apply

Craftspersons and Designers with strong ties to the Danish handicraft and design scene may apply for support for a two-week stay with an Indian master craftsperson within one of the above mentioned artisanal techniques.

How to apply

The application must be written in English and include:

  • A motivated application with relevant illustrative material – images or sketches (no more than two A4 pages formatted as one PDF file)
  • Indication of the order of priority cf. the above mentioned techniques
  • Relevant CV

The application form must be submitted to The Danish Art Workshops no later than 15 September 2022 at 24:00

Only one travel grant can be awarded per applicant.

After you have submitted the application

When you have submitted your electronic application, you will get an email receipt with a copy of your application and an application number.

You can expect an answer 8 weeks after the application deadline.


Applications are assessed by a jury consisting of the Danish Art Workshops, the Indian organisation, AIACA, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, two professional textile designers and The Danish Arts Foundation (by head of the Committee for Crafts and Design).

The jury emphasizes the following:

  • Strong ties to the Danish craft and design scene
  • Clear motivation
  • The application must state whether you can stay in India in the spring of 2023.
  • The application must state which one of the five artisanal techniques that you want a master craftsperson to be found for. Please note that you only need to state your first priority, but that you may put the five artisanal techniques in order of priority so that if it is not possible to fulfil your first priority, you are considered for the second priority, and so on.
  • The application must reflect your professional and reflective relation to the materials, context, tradition and contemporary craft and design.
  • The purpose of the stay in India is clear.
  • The travel grant must be used before the end of 2023.

The Purpose of the Fund

The fund was established by the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark on the occasion of the establishment of a bilateral cultural agreement between Denmark and India in the spring of 2022. Read more about the cultural exchange programme

The two ministries cooperate with The Danish Art Workshops and our Indian counterpart, AIACA, to give Danish Artisans within craft and design the opportunity to apply for a stay with Indian craftmasters.

Terms and Conditions

Five persons will be granted with the amount of 30,000 DKK. This may cover travel costs, visas, accommodation, materials, and any expenses at the Indian master’s workshop.

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces pays a fee to the Indian master craftsperson.

The project support is paid into your NemKonto shortly after you have received a letter of intent.

When a position has been taken on the list of contenders and recommendations have been made regarding a stay, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces will ask AIACA to match the Danish artisans with the Indian masters. Then, applicants who have been awarded a grant will receive direct notification about the assignment of a master.

The stay may be freely planned during the indicated period of time for each textile tradition and must be agreed directly with AIACA and the Indian master.

You are responsible for entering into agreements through AIACA about the time of the stay. You are also responsible for planning your travel and your stay in India. Subsequently you must document your stay.

AIACA is responsible for selecting and communicating with the Indian craftmasters.

Awarded grants will be announced on the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces’ website.

Not all travel grants will be awarded if qualified applications are not received.

Students will not be taken into concideration.

Because the travel grants are part of the general culture agreement between India and Denmark 2022-2026, your stay will be presented and communicated in the press and possibly in other connections.

Receivers of the grant are obligated to:

  • travel to India and cooperate with the Indian master craftsperson at his or her workshop for two weeks during the period of 1 January 2023 – 15 April 2023
  • document your stay with images and text
  • communicate your experience from the stay in India in an open workshop that is to be held in the fall of 2023 by your Indian master craftsperson and in cooperation with The Danish Art Workshops

Civil registration (CPR), company registration (CVR) and tax

  • Any subsidy will automatically be paid by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, which administers the subsidy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Culture to the applicant’s NemKonto [Danish ‘easy account’] for the CPR or CVR number. Check with your bank whether you have a NemKonto before you apply.
  • You may not subsequently change the CVR or CPR number.
  • Subsidies from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Culture are reported to the Danish Tax Agency (SKAT). SKAT provides guidance on tax conditions.


If you have received a subsidy, you must submit an electronic declaration that the subsidy will be used for the intended purpose.

If you have questions after reading this, you can send an e-mail to: 

Photo by: Jon Connell Bandhani


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