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In 1994 a non-commercial exhibition lab was initiated in Nørre Farimagsgade 55, Copenhagen, and this collaboration set stage for a new artist group called N55. One of the members, ion Sørvin, recently gave a lecture at the Danish Art Workshops about the concepts and productions of the collaboration.

By Rebekka Lewin
May 11, 2016

ion Sørvin is an internationally acclaimed artist, and a self-proclaimed ‘closet architect’. He works with art as a part of everyday life and insists on challenging conventional notions of art, design, architecture and politics.

“It is quite simple: Either we learn how to share knowledge and resources in a fair way or we will destroy ourselves and the planet. Our current activities are totally ruining the earth’s biosphere. Environmental sustainability is only possible in a more just world where social sustainability is the core of the future societies. To understand language at the most basic level, and hereby logic and logical relations, is probably our best chance to find new ways of living together in a better way. This will enable us to leave a liveable planet for our children and future generations”.

With an introduction to N55’s work through the last 20 years, ion gives us an idea of how to create a better world. In the following gallery we give a short overview:

The N55 projects are based on the concept that we all are useful idiots, since we rely on a democratic society despite the fact, that our cities are monuments of injustice and unfairness. Capitalism and the institutional forces behind it rules. Large concentrations of power make the decisions that shape our behaviour, and our lives in general. Our cities act as parasites on the planet’s resources and environment. The exploitation is staged and controlled by large concentrations of power. The N55 believe that if we don’t take this seriously, we will end up destroying the planet for our children to inherit.

N55 – Curriculum Vitae
In 1996, a number of persons started living together in an apartment located in the center of Copenhagen, trying to “rebuild the city from within” and using their everyday life situation as a platform for public events and collaborations. In the year 2000 FLOATING PLATFORM and N55 SPACEFRAME were constructed in the harbour area. N55 SPACEFRAME served as a starting point for local initiatives and interventions, a workspace and living space until 2003 when two of the participants left N55. In 2005 co-founder of N55 Ingvil Aarbakke dies, but N55 continues their activities locally and elsewhere in collaboration with various persons. Currently the N55 studio is situated in Burmeistergade 10,1429 kbh k, Copenhagen, Demark.

  • N55 works with art etc. as a part of everyday life.
  • N55 is a platform for people who want to work together, share places to live, economy, and means of production.
  • N55 is based both in Copenhagen, and in LAND
  • N55 has its own means of production and distribution.
  • Manuals for N55 things are published at and in the N55 periodical.
  • N55 productions are implemented in various situations around the world, initiated by N55 or in collaboration with different persons and institutions.
  • All N55 works are Open Source provided under the rules of Creative Commons.
  • Read more about N55 and check out the XYZ CARGO