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Brief info

b. 1972

Ptolemy Mann  has been creating art works from her studio since 1997. She graduated with a BA in textile design from Central Saint Martins in 1995, and then went in to complete an MA in constructed textiles at the Royal College of Art, both in London, U.K.

Ptolemy Mann creates architectural and chromatic wall based artworks for private, public and corporate clients using her signature hand dyed and woven technique. She has worked as a commercial  textile designer producing a range of  furnishing fabrics,  cushions, bed linen and throws with various brands and retailers. She has her own Rug design and making company called GELIM (

In 2005 Ptolemy launched an architectural colour consulting service. Her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving in a dynamic modern context brings her craft into the 21st century. A modern-day Bauhaus philosophy of product and art making combined with intelligent colour theory underpins all of her work both creative and commercial. In the last 3 years she has begun a painting practice and is currently exploring the relationship between pigment and cloth.

Projekter af

Ptolemy Mann has been researching the work of Lundstrøm and Juhl in Denmark first hand. From this investigation she has developed a series of hand dyed and woven artworks, paintings and ‘Thread Paintings’ inspired by Lundstrøm and Juhl’s use of colour.

During my residency at SVFK I am creating my largest hand dyed and woven artwork to date. Made up of 10 stretched woven panels the final artwork will be 6 x 2.2m. I will also be creating a series of gestural paintings on canvas and… Læs mere