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Brief info

f. 1979

Nina K. Ekman is a Norwegian visual artist born in 1979, working from Copenhagen. 

Nina draws inspiration from life and nature and works mainly on two conceptual axes.  An emotional level: bringing awareness to memory, death and loss – and a societal level: dealing with sustainability, circular economy, fast fashion, consumption, nature, next generation. Ekman uses varying techniques such as tufting, painting, and etching. Many of Nina’s pieces investigate the unsustainability of modern lifestyle inviting the observer to reflect upon our linear way of consuming and the consequences for the future of the planet. Also, sustainability and the circular thinking is integrated in the art pieces by the choice of materials, whereas Nina uses both second hand clothes and excess yarn from the textile industry.

Ekman is partly autodidact but has some education from Parsons School of Art & Design and Eindhoven Design Academy

Ekman’s work floats between paint and textiles, sculptures and etchings. She is always experimenting and trying to find new ways to express herself. Most of her works are large scale and the last year she has been focusing on tufting as a way of building textile sculpture.

She has exhibited in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France

Projekter af

Nina Ekman has been working in the Tufting Workshop at SVFK’s Textile Lab. Her focus has been to create a huge palm tree for an exhibition during Three Days of Design. Aug. ’20 The motive of the palm is used to put focus on our… Læs mere