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Brief info

f. 1979

Nina K. Ekman is a Norwegian visual artist born in 1979, working from Copenhagen. 

Nature and questions of human relations are recurring sources of inspiration and subject matters in Nina Ekman’s work. The connection to nature is deeply rooted in Ekman, as the North of Norway has been a backdrop throughout her childhood. Her relationship to nature is not only a personal longing, but a point of interest which has unfolded the topic of nature’s role to man and vice versa.

Painting was Ekman’s point of commence, where she expressed her reflections on memory, loss and grief which in essence was an exploration and navigation through her own encounters with death at a young age. The correlation between the inner and outer world, reconciliation and life appreciation have thus become a thread running through her praxis whether painting, etching or tufting.

Ekman’s work floats between paint and textiles, sculptures and etchings, and she is always experimenting with ways to stretch and challenge her own use of the media. Most recently Ekman has been drawn by the technique of tufting as a way of building textile sculptures. Tufting is a method of weaving carpets, but to Ekman tufting has become a playful opportunity to create singular pieces with an original appearance.

Projekter af

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