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Brief info

f. 1976

Whether working independently, as a duo or as part of their collective studio in Frederiksberg – Pure Fabrications, Mia Lisa Spon and Nadine Burkhardt approach design and craft through a meeting point of human behaviour and creative collaboration.

Both trained as tailors and designers, their knowledge for their craft is combined with contemporary approach to materiality, with their work often identified through a patchwork of up-cycled leftover fabrics.

A shared interest in traditional tailoring techniques helps initiate each project through the context of the material at hand, along with identifying the best way in which to shape and form each object. This detail driven approach is combined with the larger context of how their work will be used, uniting research into human behaviour with the cultural, geographical and political influences presented within each project.

Whether producing work for the Pure Fabrications internal label, external collaborators or conceptual projects, their outcomes aim to transfer the presence of the human hand throughout the design and production process into garments and objects that express the time and care used in creating them.

Projekter af

Mia Lisa Spon and Nadine Burkhardt have worked together in the studio at level 5 to develop a piece for the exhibition, Mindcraft 2023.