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Brief info

Design Duo founded in 2020

Better Weather is a design studio founded in Copenhagen in 2020, producing unique-state pieces: furniture, interiors and objects for life.

Fused in the collaboration of Anne Werner and Kasper Lynge – with past lives in fashion, textiles design, printmaking and contemporary art – Better Weather’s interdisciplinary practice navigates an abiding investigation of form and an urban social/cultural context that demands more from design than anonymity, passivity, and the nervous echoes of the modern.

The studio is grounded in sustainability – reincarnating and barely taming our planetary debris – each piece is started with a desire to work with materials sourced from factory bi-products or industrial and urban waste.

Projekter af

Vores undersøgelser på Statens Værksteder for Kunst har drejet sig om at ændre pladeformatet til større voluminer, som vi efterfølgende har bearbejdet til møbler og vaser.