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Apply for residency

At the Danish Art Workshops (SVFK), professional artists, designers, crafts people and art restorers can work in large formats, which their own studios or equipment cannot facilitate.

Non-Danish applicants must apply with projects related to cultural activities within Denmark. Hence, non-Danish applicants may only apply with projects directed towards a specific exhibition or other cultural activity in Denmark, which has already been accepted. However, non-Danish applicants already living in Denmark can apply equally to Danish applicants. Students are not taken into consideration, since it is expected that the variety of educations within the arts facilitate the required equipment and localities.

The workshops provide space to work on several large canvases, installations, or sculptures simultaneously. There are hardly any other places in Denmark that allow work on textile prints, weaving, dark room projects, or ceramics on a similar scale.

Our workshop supervisors and consultants are skilled artists and craftspeople who have worked with visual art, crafts and design for many years.

Formal requirements

You can apply for a residency four times a year.

Make sure you follow the guidelines when applying. If your application does not follow the formalities, the committee reserves the right to ignore the application. Read the formal requirements and get the application form by clicking on the ‘Application Form’ link above or find it here.

Should you still have questions after reading the requirements and the FAQ below, please contact us at or by phone +45 3296 0510. The office is open Mon – Fri from 9am to 3pm.

Contemplation in the studios

The SVFK provide a peaceful alternative to the usual workspace in shared art studios, and you may come and go as you like around the clock. If you have been granted access to one of our studios, other users will not have access to it.

When you work at the SVFK you will meet colleagues across disciplines and industries. We arrange artist talks and design talks, and you can have your lunch with other users and the staff. Friday afternoon we have a tradition of ending the week with wine and cake. Online communication of projects is always based on respectful dialogue between the artist and the communication staff.

Please note, that a stay at the DAW is not a residency in its original sense. We only provide the optimal working facilities – not press relations, contact with curators or other promotion activities.

The execution of the project lies in your hands
Our workshop supervisors and consultants are skilled artists and craftspeople. As resident, you may draw on their expertise. The wood and metal workshops have full time staff, while the other workshops have associated consultants, who will get you started. The actual work on your project must be carried out by yourself or by your assistants.

You must provide your own materials for your project – but we are happy to help
You are responsible for providing the materials that you need, but our workshop supervisors and consultants are happy to give their advice on what to buy and where.


What criteria apply to the processing of applications?
Answer: The DAW Advisory Board and the four committees – these are the committees for visual art, crafts, design and restoration respectively – will assess the applications. The governing criterion is the academic and artistic quality of the project with which you apply.

Do I pay rent to use the facilities?
Answer: No. Residencies at the DAW are funded as scholarships from the Danish State, as part of its support of the arts. Studio, workshop, accommodation in the guest flat, consultation etc. are free for the user. However, you will be charged for any materials you use and prints and copies that you make.

Is it possible to bring family members, to stay in the guest flat with me?
Answer: You may on some occasions bring your partner or spouse. We try to accommodate your wishes, so please remember to state in your application if you wish to bring your family. Please be advised that you yourself will be liable for possible damages.

Can I get the residency extended, if I do not finish my project within the term?
Answer: There are many applicants and we try to utilize the facilities to the maximum. In between two projects we usually only have time to make the space ready for the next user. It is rare that we are able to extend a residency.

When is the application deadline?
Answer: Four times a year – on the first Monday of February, May, August and November.

How long a residency can I apply for?
Answer: You can apply for a residency of up to six months. The length of the residency has to fit your project. Please state if you are flexible on the exact period of time or the studio you have applied for. In some cases, the committee assesses that a project can be done in a shorter period of time and this might result in a shorter term of residency, than was applied for.

We are many artists working together – how do we apply?
Answer: Make one application together, describing your cooperation, and add CVs for all participants. One of you must be appointed as the contact person for the project.

Must I accredit the Danish Art Workshops when the project gets exhibited?
Answer: In connection with exhibitions and marketing of your project, the DAW Advisory Board requires you to indicate that the work was produced during a residency at the Danish Art Workshops.

If you have any questions concerning the application procedure after reading through the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us: or by phone +45 32960510. Our office is open mon-fri, 9am-3pm 

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