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The SVFK Advisory Board and the Four Committees

The Committees for Visual Art, Crafts, Design and Restoration respectively asses the applications for residencies. The Chairman or -woman of each committee is also a member of the Advisory Board. On this board, sits as well one representative appointed by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Members of the Advisory Board

[svfk_infobox title=”Chairman” subtitle=”Visual Artist, Jens Bohr” content=”Appointed by Akademiraadet” /]

[svfk_infobox title=”Deputy Chairman” subtitle=”Designer, Ane Lykke” content=”Appointed by Akademisk Arkitektforening and Design Denmark” /]

[svfk_infobox subtitle=”Ceramist, Gitte Jungersen” content=”Appointed by Danske Kunsthåndværkere” /]

[svfk_infobox subtitle=”Conservator, Jesper Lund Madsen” content=”Appointed by Nordisk Konservatorforbund” /]

[svfk_infobox subtitle=”Visual Artist, Gorm Spaabæk” content=”Appointed by Akademiraadet” /]


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