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Foyer is The Danish Art Workshops’ own exhibition space, highlighting works made within our facilities.

The entrance hall at Strandgade 27B has been prepared to show selected works by residing artists and designers. Here is an opportunity to display artwork before or in between exhibitions, and at the same time an opportunity to invite colleagues, curators, and artlovers for a dialogue about the work on its way to meet the world.

For The Danish Art Workshops, Foyer gives us an opportunity to show, what’s going on behind the closed doors in the old warehouse. The diversity in dimension, genre, style, materials and techniques is huge, and the room will function as a showroom for the multifariousness of artistic working processes taking place in our workshops and studios all year round.


  • The artwork or design is produced at least partly at SVFK
  • The quality of the work must be at the highest level
  • The works will be exhibited in their final form
  • The description of the work will highlight the use of materials and techniques


The administration evaluates the incoming applications. An individual agreement between the artist/designer and the staff at SVFK is made, and the exhibition period may vary.

The staff of SVFK carry out all practical and technical assistance.

If you wish to apply for an exhibition in Foyer, please forward an e-mail to Frederik Hardvendel:


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