Since 1986 the Danish Art Workshops has been located in an old warehouse by the harbour in the center of Copenhagen.

    Welcome to the Danish Art Workshops


    About the Danish Art Workshops

    Artists, designers and restorers may apply for a short term or long term residency with the Danish Art Workshops (SVK) with a view to producing concrete projects. Please note: Non-Danish applicants must have a project related to cultural activities within Denmark.


    SVK provides studios, special-purpose workshops, professional staff and fully equipped accommodation, thus providing a unique combination of facilities. As such, the SVK contributes in important ways to Danish cultural life and the arts.

    The upcoming deadline for submitting your application is 4 August, 2014.


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    Follow the artists, designers, crafts people, and restorers working at the DAW on our Flickr-account.

    > Danish Art Workshops on Flickr 

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